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this race really start to tighten and then move in governor romney's direction. come thursday morning the narrative of this race is going to change. >> romney has been preparing with senator rob portman who filled in as obama during john mccain's 2008 prep. the president practicing with jor kerry playing the role of romney. kerry is a good fit since the parallels between his '04 and current one is overwhelming. can romney get the post-debate bounce kerry did in '04 and take it one step further and turn it into something kerry couldn't do eight years ago. in '04 president bush had a six-point lead before the debates but kerry's performance boosted him tying the men for the final debate but it was senator kerry in december '04 and not president elect kerry. the national polls are close her today than eight years ago but the numbers in key battlegrounds today tell an obama victory story. democratic strategist steve el mendorf, kerry's deputy campaign manager in '04. how are you? >> good, how are you. >> tell me about why your guy won the debates and lost the election and what that says p
with barack obama and with mitt romney, and i have to say that i think people expected better of the president last night. i was speaking to a group this morning of about 90 people. i asked them to raise their hand if they thought the president had won the debate. not a single person raised his or her hand. so obviously it was that bad. you know, i think the real question is how much it matters at this point in iowa. >> luke, how are you, bro? >> how are you, sir? >> i want to read to you a quote from paul krugman on his blog. the fact is that everything obama said was basically true, while much of what romney said was erither outright false or misleading to be a moral equivalent of a lie. people read headlines and not corrections. does this catch up to you, or can you go on doing this and the country will buy it? >> it could, toure. 60 million people watched that debate last night. what did they say? they saw the incumbent president get man-handled. mitt romney stopped it and got a pick six. he got an interception and return into the end zone. i think it's a whole new ball game. in terms of h
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)